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Butterfly icon.3 by RedqueenAllison WHAT ARE LEPIDAEMOS?

A Lepidaemos is a sort of demon that's created when a butterfly or moth dies a cruel unnatural death. Usually this would be caused by humans - killed to be used as a specimen, having it's wings pulled off by a child, etc - and their soul lingers filled with anger, hate, and grief. The soul broods for a while then goes through a metamorphosis, changing into a demon.

They tend to be mean, vindictive, and mischievous spirits, playing pranks and causing trouble for humans mostly - but sometimes Burroots or other creatures if they get the chance - as a sort of payback for their deaths.

However, a Lepidaemos isn't doomed to be evil. If it can make connections with other creatures, learn to forgive, and get past all the negative emotions it harbored when it died, it's temperament can change... although they'll always love pranks and jokes.

Butterfly icon.3 by RedqueenAllison IT'S ALL IN THE NAME...

Lepidaemos comes from the scientific name of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) and the Latin word for demon.

Although the species is Lepidaemos, the subspecies name for each individual will depend on what kind of moth or butterfly it's based on. So say the Lepidaemos is based on a white ermine moth - whose scientific species name is lubricipeda - his full name would now be Lepidaemos lubricipeda. Just a fun tidbit!

Thanks to Hitsuji--chan and tullowyn for the naming suggestions

Butterfly icon.3 by RedqueenAllison OWNERSHIP AND THE COMMUNITY

Lepidaemos are a closed species by artofdroth. You cannot make your own without permission. There are a few ways to get one though, some of which are free!

-There will be occasional raffles for a free Lepidaemos! Join the group and keep an eye out for one!

-There are also adoptables available here:…

Gallery Folders

Reference sheets and species lore
Traditional art
Digital art
Mica Pinup by Blitzqueen
And what are you supposed to be? by artofdroth
Oops~ by Blitzqueen
L. Bellargus by artofdroth
Closed Adopts and Customs
Giant Leopard Moth Lepidaemos w/m by artofdroth
Goliath Birdwing Lepidaemos w/m by artofdroth
Luna Moth Lepidaemos by artofdroth
Rosy Maple Moth Lepidaemos by artofdroth
Open Adopts
Pink Forester Lepidaemos - OPEN by artofdroth
Blue Pansy Lepidaemos PENDING REDESIGN by artofdroth
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I would make a reference sheet for the species before opening customs that way people know what they can ask for.
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